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Abba Kyari is safe in custody, there is no threat to his life

Abba Kyari is safe in custody, there is no threat to his life

The attention of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) authorities has been drawn to publications by an online media organization alleging that Abba Kyari, an inmate at one of the detention centers, was attacked by fellow inmates.

The story of Abba Kyari’s attack and the Service authorities contemplating on transferring Abba Kyari to SSS custody are lies.

These are works of some cheap attention seekers disguised as journalists, lacking intellectual capacity to interrogate what they imagine or hear before feeding the public.

That the writer is completely unaware of where and how the detention of a suspect originates shows how incompetent he is and his many unreliable stories.

For the record, Abba Kyari is one of the more than 800 prominent and notable individuals including Former Governors, Ministers, Senators, and other celebrities of higher social to be detained at that location, under the same facility without any threat to their life.

The NCoS authorities do not and will not have any reason to request the transfer of Abba Kyari or even any prisoner to another detention centre outside his jurisdiction because there is no justification for the request.

Abba Kyari is safe and sound and undergoes his daily routine like other inmates, without injury. Individuals playing pranks with Abba’s detention should cease such unpatriotic acts as they may be requested, through formal litigation, to justify their statements.

Haliru Nababa, mni Controller General of Corrections, is determined to improve the welfare of prisoners, ensure safe and humane custody with enthusiasm and therefore will not be disturbed by insane publications.